Our Profile

Adcock Ingram is a leading South African pharmaceutical manufacturer, listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

The Company manufactures, markets and distributes a wide range of healthcare products. The company is a leading supplier to both the private and public sectors of the market.

Adcock Ingram is a level 3 B-BBEE contributor.

Market leadership
Adcock Ingram is ranked as the second largest manufacturer in the private pharmaceutical market and is the second largest supplier to the public sector. Of note is the major share of the critical care market held by the company, being the largest supplier of critical care products to the public sector and hospitals. Adcock Ingram is a committed supplier of antiretroviral (ARV) medicines to the public sector through the highly competitive tender system.
Product ranges
The Consumer division competes in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) space. Iconic brands such as Panado and Compral have given the Company a leadership position in the analgesic market. The product portfolio includes cough and cold preparations, energy supplements, digestive well-being medications, vitamins and feminine hygiene products.

The Over the Counter (OTC) division competes in the self-medication pharmacy and FMCG sectors of the market, with a complement of 88 premium and economy brands. Well-known brands include Adco-Dol, Corenza C and Allergex. The portfolio includes pain, cough and cold, allergy, digestive well-being and energy medications.

The Prescription division markets medicines that are prescribed by medical practitioners and dispensed against a prescription. The division markets a range of quality and affordable generic medicines, including a portfolio of antiretroviral medicines. Partnerships with multinational pharmaceutical companies continue to augment the comprehensive portfolio of originator medicines marketed by the division.

The Critical Care division is a leading supplier of hospital and critical care products offered through multiple portfolios and across wide-ranging customer channels. A long-term agreement with Baxter has positioned Adcock Ingram as the leading supplier in critical care products to the private and public sectors. In a 2016 agreement, the Critical Care division gained the commercial rights to the Pharma-Q range, which is predominantly injectables and complementary to the Critical Care range.
Local Manufacturing
Adcock Ingram has recently undertaken a capital expansion project costing R1.5 billion which was primarily focused on the regulatory compliance status of the three manufacturing facilities situated in Gauteng.

The High Volume Liquids facility situated at Clayville is a state of the art and highly automated factory primarily producing liquids and effervescent formulations.

The Tablet and Capsule facility situated at Wadeville is focused on the manufacture of antiretroviral medicines which are supplied to the public sector through the tender system.

The Critical Care facility situated at Aeroton produces intravenous fluids, blood bags, renal dialysis products and large and small-volume parenterals.
Distribution Investment
Adcock Ingram is the only local pharmaceutical company offering a full service pharmaceutical distribution solution. As a leading pharmaceutical company, Adcock Ingram does direct distribution nationally to wholesalers, hospitals, pharmacies, and home deliveries to patients. In a significant move to expand the distribution offering, Adcock Ingram has acquired Virtual Logistics (Pty) Ltd, a national and cross border fine distribution company. This acquisition brings the Company closer to realising a fully compliant network and will make Adcock Ingram one of the largest fine distributors in the country.
International Presence – Africa and India
Rest of Africa
The Rest of Africa (RoA) offers business growth opportunities due to increasing GDP, a growing middle class, better education and the beginnings of a reduction in extreme poverty.

Adcock Ingram covers over 13 markets on the continent with a broad product range of OTC, Prescription, Hospital and FMCG products. Our product offerings in the Rest of Africa follow largely what we have in South Africa. Adcock Ingram is making sure that we clearly understand the markets in which we operate and are aware of the risks and opportunities in each. We set out to attract the very best people who have a sound understanding of these markets and their consumers.

We have a state of the art manufacturing facility in Bangalore. Our Indian operation has given us the opportunity to strategically offer development and registration support to our other operations in Southern Africa and the Rest of Africa as well as augment our manufacturing capabilities.